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Specialized Services for Partners of Sex Addicts and People Who Have Experienced Sexual Betrayal

Therapy is available in person, online or by phone. To learn more about APSATS, please visit their website: APSATS

I have completed training in the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model through APSATS (The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists). As an APSATS Trainee who is working toward becoming a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, I can provide informed care and counselling related to the experience of sexual betrayal.  

Engaging in individual therapy can provide you with a safe space to explore the impacts of betrayal and engage in a process of betrayal trauma recovery. Therapy can help you: 

  • ​Understand sexual addiction

  • ​​​Figure out what you need to take care of yourself

  • ​Develop grounding skills and re-establish your sense of self

  • Establish a network of support

  • ​Establish and maintain boundaries

  • Figure out how to navigate parenting in a new circumstance including how to talk to kids

  • Figure out what your goals are and what happens next

  • ​Understand the impacts of trauma and how to move forward from a traumatic experience/betrayal